React Jamming project gets completely changed. React Codecademy module is several years outdated

I was in the middle of the React course learning about creating React components using classes. Long and behold I found out that practice of creating components is LONG OUTDATED (over 3 years ago!)

Needless to say everything I learned in React II in codecademy was completely useless and then I went to the React docs site and I learned the modern way to create components.

When I went back to the Jamming project they took down the outdated 100 step project and instead put up a lazy attempt to replace it.

Dont get me wrong that would be a valid replacement if we had done 1 or 2 real projects but when you taught us the wrong thing for 3 modules and then completely erase the step by step project it is pretty ridiculous and lazy.

I haven’t seen any of the stuck videos or hints but I was following instructions while solving the previous projects on my own. But honestly asking us to do that entire 100 step project without better guides it is completely lazy. I dont feel we are getting our money’s worth at all. I dont want to be handheld but at the same time, I dont want to be asked to do something when you taught me the completely wrong thing.

Anyways, I was able to download the unlisted Jamming 100 step video so I am just going to follow the steps since they completely took down that page. I will be working on creating the project using function components as practice.

I was going to recommend Codecademy but this is just lazy way to do things. Shame on whomever decided to do this. You aren’t great at your job.




Same thing happened to me except I at least got to complete the 100 steps. I wanted to do it over and dive deeper into some of the things I had trouble with the first time. Unfortunately, when I came back less than a week later, I discovered the project was different, as well as some of the lessons had been “updated” to use function components. I completely felt like my time (weeks) had been wasted.

I was contacted via email about some kind of feedback session for the Codecademy projects, and guess what… they cancelled the appointment on me. When I saw the comments on the YouTube video for the Jamming project (which like other videos, is no longer there), I felt relieved knowing I was not alone in feeling like they threw us in the deep end without teaching us to swim.

I’ve learned a lot from here, but lately it has been somewhat disappointing.

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Agreed. It’s frustrating because for me, the changes to the React course were so large that I took it again to get all the updated information, and this update on the Jammming challenge is really lackluster. It feels like they are throwing us in the deep end at this point. At least I got the assignment done and saved for the most part before the change, but I feel like I still need to convert it to function components.

Happy to see I’m not alone in this. I finished the React modules that taught the components the old way, only for it to be updated the next day (bad timing, huh?). The dashboard showed I completed the modules with the new information, but I went back and redid them so I would be on the correct track. This set me back weeks as well. I initially skipped the Jammming project as I felt like it jumped to a whole new level of difficulty. I have now gone back and still agree that I’m being thrown into the deep end.

I’ve been refreshing the forum trying to see if anyone else out there was in my same boat, so thank you for validating that! Incredibly frustrated and unmotivated with this transition. I’m not sure if I would have been more or less relived to see a 100 step project though :upside_down_face:

God speed, my friends. Hoping to make it out of React alive…

Oh my goodness! I thought I was going absolutely insane until I read you’ve experienced the exact same thing and the same timeline! I felt so confused and behind and wondered how in the world I was so lost for the jammming project!

You need to learn React functions and hooks before you attempt this project. Also, I recommend brushing up on async await asynchronous functions and fetch for ‘get’ and ‘post’ requests. Lastly, not as necessary but brushing up on error handling can be useful here as well. Everything else, in-terms of components and props, is taught before the project. I also agree what they did was lazy and misleading for people doing the project along with the course. I finished the whole course before going back to do the portfolio projects, so I was able to recognize this issue pretty quickly and knew what I needed to brush up on in order to complete the project.

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