React Jamming, App Works But Only For Me

Hey everyone!

I just finished the React project “Jamming” and I was pretty happy with myself after getting it to work. The only problem is that it only seems to work for me. For me it does everything it’s supposed to: Spotify asks me to log in, then provides me with an access code which I then use to search tracks and save them to a playlist. For others, it seems like they get asked to log in but are not provided with an access code so they can’t search for any tracks. The live app can be found here:

Unfortunately, it’s tough for me to troubleshoot this on my own since nothing is wrong on my end. If people could try using my app and let me know what they see, that would be immensely appreciated.

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I belive that is a limitation of the Spotify API for apps in development mode for security reasons, if you want to give another user access to it you have to add them via the developer dashboard (My Dashboard | Spotify for Developers):

This restriction does not apply for published apps, which is why other public spotify clients do work, but for something like this that is a purely development app it will not.

I would note that the process of going from a development mode app to a published app requires you to apply and probably wouldn’t be appropriate for something like this :slight_smile: .

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Hey thanks so much for looking into this. I’m going to apply anyway and see what happens.

It didn’t work since this is a “hobby project” :frowning:
I can give access to 25 people though. First come first serve I guess! Thanks again @notlyall!

No problem! At least a decent handful of people can use it, eh :smile:

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