React Development Setup and Ravenous Part 1


I am having issues with the general Creating a React App article. I am working in v14.18.0 in node and get an error while trying to follow the instructions in my own git bash terminal. When I try to execute “npx create-react-app myfirstreactapp” I get the error below. I then check in $ls and myfirstreactapp doesn’t exist. I am hoping I missed something easy and can then continue.


looks like you tried to create the App in the directory
C:\Program Files\Git
You won’t have the writing permission to do that. When you type pwd, which directory does it log?

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When I type in pwd / is what is shown.

Ok then you’re apparently trying to create the App directly in the root and don’t have writing permission.
How did you try to create the App?
Do you use the terminal of VS Code?

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I am using the git bash terminal that was downloaded in the article right before. I added the link below.

I guess the correct question should be where should I be saving my app?

Anywhere where you would save other files or folders, too.
I recommend you create a folder anywhere on your computer and open that in VSCode. From there open the Terminal of VSCode. Confirm that you are in the right folder by typing pwd and see if it logs your folder name. Then type the command to create the App again.

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That seems to be working. Thanks for the help.

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