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Hello everyone, I’m doing the Jammming project and I noticed the React Dev Tools layout in the Youtube video is different from mine. The issue has been addressed on here before but nobody has answered it.

However, the issue is I really want to be able to see how states react as I work on my projects like in the video, I surrounded what I mean in the screenshot of the video. In my version, I can’t see states so I don’t know if my code is working. If it’s just because it’s the same thing but has been uploaded, do you know of anything I could install to see live states? Thanks!!

As you can see, in the video, when James is typed, it’s updated live in the dev tools, in my version, we can’t see the state.

Hello! Could be a longshot, but @nduckwiler any thoughts?

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hey @yezijin,
We’re actually working to update the video this fall! We’ll make sure that this is clearly explained.

In the meantime…

Using the solution code, I tried out React DevTools on my own computer. The state seems to update as expected (see video). Maybe there’s an issue with your code. Can you share your code for the SearchBar component?

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Hello, after I posted this, I looked at dozens of articles on the internet and checked forums and everything. I couldn’t find anything. I got really annoyed because being able to see if what I just did is correct is essential before moving on and accumulating errors.

After a while I decided to leave it at that for the time being but before closing the project, I decided to refresh the localhost:3000 page and guess what? The “state” section appeared… When I save my code in VS code the page refreshes automatically so I don’t understand what happened. I didn’t change anything.

So another hint for anyone who could have the same problem, even if you save your code in your IDE and it doesn’t appear, try and refresh the localhost:3000 page!!

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