RE: Lack Of Customer Support!

Frustration beyond belief. 80% way through Python course, logged in following day and only showed 47%… Obviously I can’t move forward. Been in this situation for 2 weeks… I get same generic emails… Has anyone else experience this as well???

The Python course was recently moved to a new environment, this affected progress. This change was announced in

  • Codecademy’s Blog
  • In the exercises themselves
  • You may have even received an e-mail

Codecademy did its best to get this announcement out to everyone. If you are having a specific issue, please make a new topic and tell us what issues you are experiencing. We would be happy to help you. Complaining about poor communication will get you nowhere.


Well it got you to respond… given half my emails trying to get this
resolved over past 2 weeks got me nowhere…

So you moved to a new environment… got it… when can my progress get reset
to where it was? all you have to do is check the emails from this email
account to see I’ve explained the issue on MULTIPLE occurrence.

So got the following last night - and guess what… I just checked again
and STILL NOT FIXED - Priceless… I guess there wasn’t a quality control
check to see if it actually worked.

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Lillian (Codecademy)

Aug 23, 5:43 PM EDT
Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. I am happy to report that our engineers have
recently pushed a fix for the issue that you were experiencing. You should
now be seeing your Python progress restored.

Please let me know if you experience any trouble going forward!


Hey Mamarsicano,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having a frustrating experience. Quick note that aquaphoenix17 and the other people on this forums aren’t Codecademy Customer Support representatives, they’re fellow members of the user community like yourself. You are welcome to ask other members of the community for help on the forums, but they are volunteers so please keep that in mind before you write.

Your best course of action if you are experiencing trouble and need to talk to Codecademy staff in particular is to either keep talking to people like Lillian through our ticketing system or if you are a Pro user you have some other options for expedited support e.g. contacting your advisor through the intercom button in the bottom-right of your screen.

Please do also note that we at Codecademy have hundreds of thousands of people using our platform every day for free – that’s an awful lot of people for a small team (Codecademy has barely 50 people on staff and only three of them are on the customer support team) to try and help.