Re-creating the Lodash Library Question

I’ve read the instructions for this project multiple times, and don’t understand what the objective is. I started to watch the solution video, and it looks like I am supposed to take these lodash methods and re-create the functionality that is used to create them. I don’t want to watch the entire video, because I’d like to try to solve it on my own.

One major point of confusion for me is the word “implement” is used over and over. I’m a native English speaker and the word implements means “to put something to use”, which would mean I need to use these methods somewhere. For example:

“3. Implement our game plan” makes sense.

“4. Ideate : There are a number of different ways to implement this method.” doesn’t make sense to me because we are given no instructions for where to implement the method.

Maybe it’s just me because others seem to have understood without issue. Can someone please explain what I’m supposed to actually do in this project?

In computer science, an implementation is a realization of a technical specification or algorithm as a program, software component, or other computer system through computer programming and deployment. Many implementations may exist for a given specification or standard.

Implementation - Wikipedia

You’re responsible for the implementation of the lodash methods: Given the expected result of each function and/or how they should accomplish said result (“a technical specification or algorithm”), you are required to programmatically achieve whatever it is each method is designed to achieve.

As @mtf said in his response to a similar question last year:

Assume there is no existing implementation for each of these functions: You are the programmer; program!


Thank you for the Wikipedia link, and the link to the earlier comment by @mtf. I understand now.

Yes, I was having the same confusion. So when we are told what .clamp() does, we just have to create our own function that achieves the same thing?

The Lodash Documentation explains the clamp method (and all other methods).

Yep exactly that. As @825orion said, assume there is no existing implementation already. I was slightly confused at first due to the wording used:

Use Math.max() to clamp the number by the lower bound. The return value of Math.max() called with the number and the lower bound will be the larger of the two values, meaning it will be clamped by the lower bound.

It’s like trying to describe a word but using the word you’re describing in the definition

Same issue for me, I didn’t really understand the assignment at all :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for clearing it up!