"rb" before a line of example code

what does the rb means in the example?

Knowing this, we can write a smarter loop than the one above: rb i = 0 loop do i += 1 print "#{i}" break if i > 5 end

Hi @preteritar7544249898!

That seems to be a mistake where instead of specifying the language for the code format, it just adds it to the text.

This is obviously a bug and I will report it to the help desk. Thanks for noticing!

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Thanks, Steven! it also appears somewhere else on the previous lessons, but I can’t find it rn.

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Don’t hesitate to tell me if you find it! This bug is super annoying for people trying to learn Ruby and I really appreciate you taking the time to find them.

Hi Steven, couldn’t find the first one.
But there’s another one here (on the hint section)

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Incredible! Just finished submitting a bug report this as well. Thanks!

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I found another reference to “rb” here and it confused me while I was trying to understand the syntax - https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-ruby/lessons/thith-meanth-war/exercises/setting-up-the-if-branch-part--1

Hey, @jessietivey490274057, welcome to the forums!

Awesome! Thank you for pointing this out, I’ll definitely report this!

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Hi @jessietivey490274057

This should be fixed! Mind checking?

yep, can confirm rb is no longer there. thanks!

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@stevencopeland I’ve made my way through most of the Ruby track and took note of instances where I continued to find rb:

Hope this helps!

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All checked and verified. Submitting bug report now.

All fixed! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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