Raw_input not working Battleship 17/19


Hi Coders!

Please could you help out. I am on Battleship 17/19. I get an error which did not show up before:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “python”, line 29, in
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘RUN’

This only happens after lesson 16. I clicked get code but it still does not run and I cannot find the bug.

below is my full code pasted as I think the fault is traced back to the pair of guess_row = int(raw_input())

Full code here:

from random import randint

board = []

for x in range(0, 5):
board.append([“O”] * 5)

def print_board(board):
for row in board:
print " ".join(row)


def random_row(board):
return randint(0, len(board) - 1)

def random_col(board):
return randint(0, len(board[0]) - 1)

ship_row = random_row(board)
ship_col = random_col(board)
print ship_row
print ship_col

Everything from here on should be in your for loop

don’t forget to properly indent!

for turn in range(4):
print “Turn”, turn + 1
guess_row = int(raw_input("Guess Row: "))
guess_col = int(raw_input("Guess Col: "))

if guess_row == ship_row and guess_col == ship_col:
print "Congratulations! You sank my battleship!"
if (guess_row < 0 or guess_row > 4) or (guess_col < 0 or guess_col > 4):
print "Oops, that’s not even in the ocean."
elif board[guess_row][guess_col] == “X”:
print( “You guessed that one already.” )
print "You missed my battleship!"
board[guess_row][guess_col] = "X"
if (turn == 3):
print "Game Over"

This is the code returned AFTER clicking get code, which still results in the above error. I can just skip to the next lesson but I would not know how to avoid making the same mistake again.

P.S Can I use NaN (Not a Number) in Python? I wanted to add an if statement to stop the player entering a letter or any other symbol.



This seems to be a persistent issue that needs the attention of CC’s engineers. For now all we can do is devise a workaround.

Comment out the above lines and insert a random statement to generate row and column guesses. Use your random_row and random_col functions to do this.


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