Raw_input() is not working

Hello members,

My code is always right as I compared them with “view solution” option. But still whenever, the task is with stdin that is I have to use “raw_input()” function, the editor is crashing saying execution taking to long time. So, I guess it is a problem with Codeacademy. However, it is a frustrating to have this problem with every task that ask to take input from console. Could you please suggest what to do on this ?

Thanks in advance,

Have you tried supplying that input in the console itself on the right hand side? If that’s not working I believe I got caught in a situation where previous running programs weren’t finished (still waiting for input) but I couldn’t work out how to access them since the console was uresponsive as was attempting to run any new scripts. You could try quickly resetting that lesson to see if that works but I ended up going as far as clearing parts of my browser cache before I could run code again.

If anyone has a less drastic method that would probably be a better shout.

what version of python are you running?? I think Python 3 only takes input() as valid.