"Raw_input" is not defined PLZ HELP (Python 3.6.3)


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I know this is not to a lesson but I really need help I’m a beginner and I’m having problems with my script.

username = raw_input(“What is your username\n”)
password = raw_input(“What is your password\n”)
proxytype = raw_input(“What region/type of proxies example proxy-uk-s1\n”)
numproxies = raw_input(“How many proxies did you need?”)
textfile = raw_input(“Name of textfile to save proxies?”)
myfile = open(textfile+".txt",“w”)
loop_times = int(numproxies)
timesToLoop = int(loop_times)
for x in range(1, timesToLoop+1):

but when I run the script it says raw_input is not defined. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m sure you’ll figure it out if you google something like “python raw_input not defined”

(google should probably be your go-to whenever you run into any issues)


In python 3, raw_input() has been replaced by input()


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