Raw_input error in Mad libs practice


I don’t know why raw_input change into white instead of red texts it was originally typed,

I have watched the video from Get Help,

however I did the same thing but only my editor turns raw_input into white not red.

Because of that error i guess I can not run the program Madlibs.py,

Please help me with my trouble…!

Hi there - welcome to the forums!

Your editor looks the same as mine does:

If you’re concerned because in the video raw_input is showing as red text, but it’s white in your editor - don’t be.

This is simply because Codecademy have changed the colour scheme for the learning environment since the video was recorded. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! :+1: :+1:

I figured out what the problem was.

Color of the texts was not the trouble instead I put the wrong double quotes.