Raw_input() - Deprecated in Python 3.5


I'm pretty sure raw_input() is deprecated in Python 3.5, and only input() is acceptable.


You would be correct, but here we are using Python 2.7.x.


yes, but how come?? why not the newest python?


Because Python 3 does not replace Python 2. It is not yet the de facto version and likely won't be until 2020, or thereabouts. It still bears learning so we can recognize it when we see it. As for modules, there is a long way to go before Python 3 will have as many modules as Python 2. The language may be mature, but it is not dead.

Future Python courses will no doubt incorporate version 3, but it shouldn't be at the expense of version 2 courses. We need to learn them both.


I completely agree, but why are there no indications of these things in the current course? I mean, if you're teaching Python 2, and there's a newer version in which some of the statements from P2 are deprecated, isn't this worth noting and pointing out to people who are learning the language--especially to those who are learning the language in anticipation of using Python 3.5?!


Look at the average learner on this site. They jump straight into Python without a single clue. Do we want to be explaining what 'deprecated' means? Or how to program? Bombarding an early learning with any sort of notion about which language should be taught is not how to do it. We can transition to Python 3 very easily from Python 2.

It's more important that new learners, especially young people, get immersed in the concepts of higher-level programming in a scripted environment than that they get told to anticipate a change in the language. Let them learn to crawl, before making them walk, and walk before making them run.


i guess, but at the same time i'm sure there's lots of learners who find themselves in a similar position to my own--they have prior programming experience, and simply want to pick up a new language. if i had solely relied on this website alone to familiarize myself with the language, i would have had no clue that, first, there is a new version of the language available, and, second, that some of what i'm learning on this website is already deprecated. i'm sure you guys are capable enough to design your website in such a way that provides a good user experience to not just those who are completely new to programming, but a wider audience. we're not talking about building rockets...


'You guys' is not the moderator team of these forums. If you wish to take it up with Codecademy, be my guest. I think this topic has exhausted itself on this forum, however.


I never said it was the moderator team of these forums... However, as a moderator, can you not correspond much more easily with those actually behind Codecademy than random people using their service? lol


And our opinion is not going to change anything that has been in place for over three years. I managed to pick up some Python 3 on my own; it's not a far reach to expect others will, too. without prompting. In truth, the site users, codecademy.com not this forum, have a direct line to CC from course pages. Our contact with CC does not supecede users. It is up to CC to address concerns with their product; not a matter for these forums. It's a discussion that just goes in circles.


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