Ravenous project part 4 .default.searchYelp is not a function

Hello every body,
I am working on the ravenous project and I’ve done every thing right and checked my progress along the way for the logic and when every thing should work in the end to render the businesses from the yelp api nothing happens and I get this error in the console

Blockquote TypeError: util_Yelp__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_10_.default.searchYelp is not a function

(side note, on firefox I get this error but in chrome I get whole screen of them for a second and they vanish before I can read them and refreshing the page)

I dont know how I can solve this error and I cant find relevant information about it maybe I’m missing something
I think it might be a compatibility issue with the “npm install whatwg-fetch --save” on windows


Thanks a lot for reading and trying to help,