Ravenous project : I can't sign up for YELP


I am developing the last step of ravenous, But I’m stuck. Because I can’t sign up for YELP. When I try to sign up for theirs, All I get is the massage telling me “Oops, Yelp is overworked right now.”.

I googled about this problem, others said this problem is caused because I’m living country that Yelp doesn’t support. I’m currently living in Korea. I also tried using VPN proxy, but that can not helped too.

I really want to complete Ravenous project, so help me please.

Quote from the support center:

If you don’t receive a confirmation message or run into other trouble with your account, please contact our Support team.

Please contact Yelp support team using the form linked in the quote. We don’t have any tools and means to provide support related to the Yelp accounts :frowning: