Ravenous project - front-end React app with Javascript guide

Hi all,

Does anyone find it’s difficult to follow the project in the latest Skill path Create a front-end React app with Javascript?

I started learning Javascript, HTML&CSS a couple of months ago and need more help with the tasks. I found some old videos on Codecademy but it doesn’t match the new lesson. It’d be good to have some step by step guide.

Best do this project at the end of your journey. There are many projects with more detailed guidance. This project is a good overview of where you stand and what you’re capable of on your own.
When I did this project, it hadn’t been updated, and was still set up as class components. I’ve rewritten it as function components and learnt a lot. If all projects had the same amount of guidance and the same level of difficulty, you would not make progress anymore at some point and be lost when you’d want to build your own projects.
Do all the other projects of the React course first and repeat them until you have a full grasp of them and then come back to this one.

Thanks. I’m pausing this project and gonna spend time doing other simpler projects for practice. I still need more guidance before I can confidently pick up the project again.

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