Ravenous Project - Adding suggestions


I’ve just completed the Ravenous project and now I am practicing how to implement additional functionalities by myself.

I’m trying to add suggestions as they type something in the search bar. See below code.
Calling function suggest(text), eventhough I returned ‘suggestions’ always equals a promise so now I’m trying to push the results into the suggestions array instead.

But I still can’t get this to work. The console.log within the function itself gives me the right results which is in this case: [“Reservations”, “Ramen Delivery”, “Rooftop Bar”]
But the console.log outside is still giving me an empty array.

Can anyone help return the right value?

let text = "R";
let suggestions = [ ];

function suggest(text) {
    { headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${apiKey}` } }
    .then(response => response.json())
    .then(jsonResponse => {
      if (jsonResponse.terms) {
        const Arr = jsonResponse.terms.map(suggest => {
          return {
            text: suggest.text
        Arr.forEach(obj => {
      return suggestions;