Ravenous project 1

I would like to start the Ravenous project 1 over. I try to start over again in visual studio code text editor, and the directory but it keeps bringing the old code. I need to delete the old code and redo it.

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Hello, and welcome back to the forums

If you want to start over completely, you can either 1) pick a different name when you run create-react-app in Task #1 of the project, or 2) delete or rename the existing directory so when you use create-react-app ravenous it can create a whole new project.

If you already did create it in another directory and you mean is that VSCode keeps opening your old code when you launch the program, you’ll need to open up the new project / directory from the File menu.

Alternatively, after you run create-react-app and you cd to the new directory, you can run code . (note that it includes the period) to launch VSCode with the current directory opened up.

Thanks for the speedy response it worked.

Maybe you can help me with a directory issue. when i try to download the images for the project, i can’t find the correct file in my directory. There’s no sign of the ravenous2 file in my directory for some reason, it works in the vscode though.

Thanks for the response