Ravenous part three - React project

re: ravenous part three project

Hi, everyone! I still don’t understand why binding .handleSortByChange method to this in the constructor method does not work (for step 9).
I guess I am still wrapping my head around the concept of the this keyword and bind method and haven’t yet figured out how using them in the constructor method is different from using them in the .map method inside the .renderSortByOptions method.
My understanding is that this refers to the current instance of the component class, but

  • does it refer to something different inside the .map method,
  • am I completely wrong,
  • or just missing some thing.

I’ve read some of the MDN docs e.g Function.prototype.bind() and tried searching the internet but haven’t found anything that addresses this specifically. Can someone help me out or point me to some resources that will.