Ravenous Part One Step 4 Command Line not displaying PS1 in Bash


Just getting started on this one, I’m having an issue with Bash that I’m sure is a simple fix but cannot find anything in my notes.

After creating the package and starting the development server, the cursor will not return to the PS1 symbol for command line entry. I am unable to continue the project as listed in the instructions without access to the command line.


It should keep running so it will continue to monitor changes in your files and automatically update the browser so you don’t have to keep restarting the server. You can start another Bash session to continue to do the other steps though.

In step #2 of the project, it mentioned starting another terminal window to launch the server. For what you’re doing, it meant to start another instance of Bash so you can run your server there, while having another window that you can continue to run commands on. It’s possible to do the same thing within VSCode as well, but it may not be clear if you haven’t used it before.

Thank you for the solution!