Ravenous part 4


Please tell me what I’m missing! I’ve reached step 19 of this project which says: It will also be up to you to access the jsonReponse object returned by the Yelp API to extract the specific attributes needed

In order to access this in the console, am I going to need to call the yelp method? And for that to run will I need to call it in App.js? Or is there a simpler solution? I could easily copy the code from the video or from this forum, but what was I meant to do in the exercise?
Here is my code from yelp.js so far:

const apiKey = "njNhWD4FaLrcxjljnS-BwFbMFgHuAX8Dwa0NdUJ-NC-1MrtU5aKNnC_ksDtW5mHDb2-yIxn9XuUzAeqwrTBYW8hJ291XfdCwtlrcqSgyGj6nsOBfmev6VtAyYE3MYHYx";

const Yelp = {
    search (term, location, sortBy){
        return fetch(`https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/https://api.yelp.com/v3/businesses/search?term=${term}&location=${location}&sort_by=${sortBy}`,
            headers: {
                Authorization: `Bearer ${apiKey}`
        } ).then(
            (response) => {  
                return response.json();
            (jsonResponse) => {
                if (jsonResponse.businesses){
                    return jsonResponse.businesses.map(
                        (business) => {
                            return {
                                //business details go here