Ravenous Part 4

Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong here please?

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I think it may be related to your import of the Yelp object (which holds search function) but it is hard to say for sure without the code. Double-check the import of Yelp object in App.js and export default of the same object in Yelp.js. If still having problems, post the code of those 2 files and SearchBar.js but make sure to delete your API-key from Yelp.js before uploading.

If you look in your yelp.js file, you have named the method inside of yelp object searchYelp. Then you are trying to call this method from App inside a method also called searchYelp with the function call Yelp.search. There is no Yelp.search method so that is the problem your error msg is pointing out. You will either have to change the name of this call in App.js (to reference Yelp.searchYelp) or you can rename the method in yelp.js (searchYelp) to just search so that the function call matches the method name.

Also, for next time, it’s usually easier to work with if you copy/paste the code into forum. It can be really helpful to quickly figure out the problem…