Ravenous Part 4


Ravenous/Yelp.js at part3 · BUNSNI/Ravenous (github.com)

I have finally completed the Ravenous project. I was having a problem at the end coding correctly the Yelp module in Yelp.js - I am still trying to get used to and understand better fetching data and making requests.
Anyway, I kept receiving an error like so in chrome devtools using windows 10:

’uncaught (in promise) syntaxerror: unexpected token s in json at position 0’

’see /corsdemo for more info’

When I googled the latter I found this information which solved the problem for me:

*** From February 1st. 2021, cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com will only serve requests after the visitor has completed a challenge: The user (developer) must visit a page at cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com to temporarily unlock the demo for their browser. This allows developers to try out the functionality, to help with deciding on self-hosting or looking for alternatives.’**

I post this on here in case someone else has this issue.