Ravenous Part 4 CORS

After completing Part 4, the last step is to test your API call. I get a response of both a 200 (1st) and 403( 2nd).
I downloaded the solution code which was identical and still got the same error 403 forbidden. Response type is CORS. I struggle to understand CORS concepts. The cors-anywhere proxy is prepended as directed. Obviously, with the error, nothing will render.

I used Postman and it returns a proper json response. I assume it’s because the request comes from localHost but again not sure how CORS works. If I need to add more context let me know.

Hello, and welcome back to the forums.

The official demo of CORS Anywhere (cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com) that the project instructions specify has put an extra step in place to allow the requests to go through their service. There are a couple ways around it. Check out this thread for some options.

Thank you, the button to allow access to the cors-anywhere server worked. I also was missing my parentheses on my .json with my fetch. I appreciate the help.