Ravenous Part 2: Passing Information

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My Version so far titled TasteMate

In the sample solution, I do not understand how the Business.js component ties in with the rest of the code. I understand that it has the code for the styling of the instance of the business object when rendered, but do not understand how it is connected to the App component for example. Any explanation would be very helpful as I am trying to further understand props and how they pass info from component to component

This is the Business.js component

This is the App.js component

In your App.js file you are passing the array of object to business list. So what business list is receiving us the const Businesses.
From there in BusinessList.js you currently have an array of Business objects that you need to map through in order to be able to have access to all the elements within the object. Once you map you have created individual objects from the array.
Lastly you have the Business.js which is receiving an individual object from the array. Now each business has elements that you can access.
So to put it all together App.js → passes Array of Objects to BusinessList.js → map through Array → passes individual Object to Business.js → access elements of Object to display in Business.js

Thank you for the detailed explanation, It makes better sense now.
The way I understand it is that the passing of components as props is done in a top-down movement from parent to child. I will keep working more on this project to understand more. Thanks again.

this is my part of solution, I tried to mimic and Yes! it’s almost same…

This is my part #2


To be fair I did take some creative liberties.
What I don’t understand, why are we putting the businessData at the app level? Even better, if the SearchBar has all the buttons and forms, how are we going to pass that back up to App, to use the Rest API to get the business Data? Doesn’t props only flow down?

Here’s a preview.

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I have to admit I spend more time checking and trying out your solutions than the ones given after I’m done with my part since they have some really interesting code that is not used in this class, thanks for sharing them!

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Thx a lot for the compliment!
Let me share a bit, what I used.

Since you learned React component and you know to make your own component,
It’s easy to jump and start to use some Component Styling Elements libraries instead of using the default native html elements. instead of using

use instead of making a complicated business item with img, articles & aside use , you need a navbar , a drop down menu, a accordion or a carousel? a template is already included.

  • the best part is all component are already pre-loaded with CSS to make them look good out of the box.
    Supposedly it makes additional styling easier!! :slight_smile: (Note, I still added some CSS files for extra styling)

This is what I used:

alternatively you could use other styling library like material UI.

we learned to make and use previously a lot of cool java-script libraries,
learn which one does what, and if you need a cool functionality use it.
Split code by issues/functionality and decide if you want to implement it from scratch or re-euse something.

Good luck with your project.

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