Ravenous Part 1

Can someone please help me here? I can’t even get started on this, because when I try to ‘create-react-app’ in my terminal server, the response is ‘command not found’. Can someone please help me?!



What on earth do I do here?

I can’t even get lift off here, because my terminal server will not let me create the app…

Command not found usually means you have not installed the required libraries.
What does your package.json look like?

How do I view this sorry?

I’m not very good with my Browser Compatibility & Transpilation knowledge. Can you recommend me some articles or sources to read up please?

Did you install node? What is the output if you type

node -v

into your terminal?


Ok, than you have installed node.
The correct command to create a React app is

npx create-react-app myfirstreactapp

If you use PRO, you find a guide here:
Creating a React App

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Awesome, thank you very much!

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