Ravenous Part 1

I just started the Ravenous problem and I’m having trouble understanding step 14.

“Replace the relevant information with references to properties in the business object (i.e. {business.thisProperty} ).”

My interpretation of the instruction is to add ‘business.’ in front of my keys in my object. Is that correct? If so, why do I need to do this?

Can someone give me a small hint?


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In Step 10, you created an object named business that contained several key/value pairs. This object is going to be used as your source of data for awhile so you can make sure the component is working.

In Step 14, they linked the HTML that you’re converting to JSX for the render() method. That HTML currently contains hard-coded values for the address and other fields. They want you to replace those hard-coded values with a reference to the corresponding key/value in your business object so when React renders the component, it uses values from your business object.


<h2>MarginOtto Pizzeria</h2>

becomes this for the JSX


Now instead of using a hard-coded value, it’ll get data from the business object. Eventually, you’ll be replacing that source of data with something else so the component can render information for a variety of companies.