Ravenous part 1 type error

Hi friends, I´m having the same problem but in the SearchBar code, (I dont have the () in the class, so I dont know where is my error. SOME HELP PLEASE. thanks
this is my code and error.

import React from “react”;

import ‘./SearchBar.css’;

const sortByOptions = {

‘Best match’: ‘best_match’,

‘Highest Rated’:‘rating’,

‘Most Reviewed’:‘review_count’


class SearchBar extends React.component {

 renderSortByOptions() {

   return Object.keys(sortByOptions).map(sortByOption => {

     let sortByOptionValue = sortByOptions[sortByOption];

     return <li key={sortByOptionValue}>{sortByOption}</li>



render() {


     <div className="SearchBar">


<input placeholder="Search Businesses" />

<input placeholder="Where?" />
<a href="www.#.com">Let's Go</a>



export default SearchBar;

Sorry FIX IT, just the c in React. component has to be C