Ravenous compiles, but getting Error in-browser

Hey all - have any of you ever gotten this error? I’ve been pouring over my code and I can’t find a mistake or bug anywhere. The error also indicates the problem is in my use of the render function, which I can’t make heads or tails of why there would be a problem there. Here’s the first part of the error:

It then goes on to list a bevy of errors located in packages that were created when I ran npm create-react-app.

Any ideas? I’d really love to see my project evolve in real time in my browser, but right now I’m just leaning on the terminal compiler to error-check my code.


Ah, so in the future I will take general silence as “You’ve got some error in your code dummy”… because I found the mistake :slight_smile:

That’s probably not the case. Projects like Ravenous, Jamming, Wanderlust, etc. take more effort to help other users with. I think many of us skip over these more involved types of problems due to the time required to offer assistance. It often involves placing your code into our own so we can debug it. If you can trace the error to a specific component (in the case of a React project) or block of code, and include that block of code in your question, you may get a response quicker.

At any rate, I’m glad you were able to find the bug, and move on. Happy coding!

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