Ravenous 4 Part

Hi, trying to do this part I haven’t been able to continue after the step 3, because I’ve been trying to create the Yelp account and in the part where it says I’m a human (security or confirmation) does not work, I’ve done it more than once and after selecting the images , a message on the top appearing and does not let me to continue with the account creation , does not do anything , I clicked sign up and make me do it again.

hi @pilymoncri3217857607 ,

Thank you for posting this help question, we appreciate the effort and courage to seek help in this community.

To help you further, you can share with us the output you’ve received Or the line codes that you’re experiencing issue with. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for the majority to assist you.

Hope the explanation above are clear.

Thank you, and looking forward to your response :smiley: