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Hi all,

I’ve just bought a Raspberry Pi (mainly to play around with building blockchains using the multichain open source software). Aim is to do a headless setup through my MacBook pro.

Does anyone have any experience with a Pi at all that they can share? Keen to know any cool tips that help as a new user.

Thanks in advance!

Adding a few ‘Rising Stars’ into the discussion - hoping you may be able to help me :smiley:

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I think i am qualified to help, i own a raspberry pi, i did the following:
set up a network share (for both in the LAN (samba) which is cross platform (windows, linux, macOS, ios and android) and outside NFS and sftp (ftp over ssh)
Shared the printer over the raspberry pi
Remote control music player if you connect a speaker
VPN server

Just a few of the things i done, now, what do you need help with?

Well, the first thing i would do, is set up ssh, so you have remote access to your pi. Then the command line course here on codecademy, since ssh is command line, if you prefer GUI you can use vnc, have you done any of these?

Thanks @stetim94, haven’t done anything yet - it just arrived last night! Do you know of any good posts online that have a step by step guide for the ssh setup? Or vnc? I’ve done the command line course, but think I would prefer a GUI so everything feels more familiar once I get into the more complicated blockchain work.

try this!

raspberrypi help

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Have you got an SD (or micro sd if you have the latest model) with raspbian on it yet? For the first steps you might want to connect it to a display with a hdmi cable

If you have raspbian, enabling ssh is simple, open a terminal type:

sudo raspi-config

this will give you a list of options, when of them is enable ssh. You can navigate this menu with arrow keys and the tab key to jump to the confirm/cancel at the bottom. Now you can login to your raspberry with ssh (not sure which software is best suitable for mac)

You need the ip of your rasbperry, open a terminal and do:

hostname -I

this will give you the ip, now you can run in a terminal on your mac:

ssh pi@<ip address>

here is some documentation

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Hi spacecamel100,
Unfortunately I do not have any experience with Raspberry Pi, so I can’t help you, but good luck in finding help!