Range question

Below is the range lesson URL.

I have a question regarding range. is a range a list? When I print out range(5), it prints out ‘range(5)’. But I still use ‘for loops’ with range as if it is a list. Also in order to make a range into a list I still have to use a method ‘list()’.
To say it again, I use range as if it is a list, and the lesson also says so, “zero_thru_one = range(2) # zero_thru_one is now [0, 1]”. However, when I print(zero_thru_one is now), the console shows range(2). Can someone clarify this for me?

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The detailed explanation is here:


but it also involves iterators and generators, not sure those have been covered yet. So it might be a tough read, but would give you good understanding.


thanks a lot. I appreciate it