Range for word-spacing and kerning

In the CSS tutorial, in the sections on word-spacing and letter-spacing (kerning), there is no mention of what the range of values is, like in most other sections of the tutorial. I’d like to know the range. Thanks!

looking at the documentation:


there doesn’t seem to be a maximum value. You could try making it really large, see what happens

personally, i don’t think it matters. Usually, you would only insert reasonable values, given you are building a webpage

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so then, trial and error :slight_smile:

yes, but why? Mostly, you will implement sensible values. You will very likely need an absurd large value, i don’t see the point

I still don’t understand why, in the tutorial, you don’t provide a range of what would constitute “reasonable” or “sensible” values. It just seems too open-ended, after other code that has a specific range of values.

Programming is open ended, its the programmers job to narrow it down and write the right instruction (aka code)

well, its for a website. So of course you want to ensure good readability.