Random Sentence Generator

Hi guys, let me know what you think please. I tried to make it as readable and with as much good practice as I could.


And it’s finally answered the question that’s been keeping me up at night…
it was the dog that moved the car!

forgot to mention. It’s looks very clean, well set out and easy to read.
Good habits to have - he says, shuffling nervously and covering his own screen.

My solution: Github link for mixedmessage solution random sentence

const words = {
    first: ["Jingles", "Holly", "Kringle", "Buddy", "Snowflake", "Twinkle", "Ginger", "Trixie", "Noel", "Tinsel", "Winter", "Rudy"],
    middle: ["the merry", "the playful", "the frosty", "the festive", "the jolly", "the little", "the snowy", "the nice", "the glittery", "the sparkly", "the joyvial", "the lively"],
    end: ["Angel", "Evergreen", "Ornament", "Tinsel", "Cookie", "Snowman", "Gumdrop", "Sleigh bells", "Cupcake", "Reindeer", "Candy cane", "Garland"]

//Generate random word from element of words along the parameter
function randomWords(threeFrom) {
    const numFromWords = Math.floor((Math.random() * threeFrom.length));
    return threeFrom[numFromWords];

console.log(`What is your random ELF name ? You are: ${randomWords(words.first)} ${randomWords(words.middle)} ${randomWords(words.end)} `);