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Provide me with any feedback related to my project


@devanshgarg991710310 looks like a nice start, but I couldn’t get it to run.

Keep going with it! You can do it!

Nicely done @devanshgarg991710310!!

The way you built your functions makes everything look very elegant. I love the fact that you can add any number of quotes to the list without breaking the program. I’ve seen a lot of examples of this project hard coded with the exact length of an array so that you can’t add or take away from them without changing the code. Your use of .length eleminated that problem.

@modern-codemster the code runs fine for me. Were are you trying to run it? I’m using repl.it

Well done! @devanshgarg991710310

The project itself is really good and I like it. One thing I’d advise you is to structure your README using markup better. It can create a very good first impression when somebody visits your projects and it makes them more curious about it. And also it makes it much easier for somebody who doesn’t know how to program. The Codecademy actually has some templates within the lessons.
Here’s some inspiration from my github

You’re onto something great here! :slight_smile:

Hey @adriansomor ,

Nice project! I like the one you presented in the browser and the poems are pretty funny. Your GitHub ReadMe is excellent.

Nice job!

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