Random quote generator

Not sure I did completely what was asked looking at other peoples projects. I made a program generating random quotes and found it easy so I added a random color as well, but it looks like I should have combined different arrays together instead?

Here is my link: GitHub - WilfredBridges/MessageGenerator: Generates random quotes

Any feedback will be appreciated!

//array of leisure activities
const activity = [‘play gholf’, ‘drive a race car’, ‘play video games’, ‘watch a movie’, ‘have sex’, ‘watch a live sporting event’, ‘start a new hobby’, ‘make a new friend’];
// array of uk destinations
const destination = [‘Cotswolds’, ‘Leicester’, ‘London’, ‘Manchester’, ‘Torque’, ‘Wales’, ‘Yorkshire’, ‘Bristol’, ‘Birmingham’, ‘Leeds’, ‘Liverpool’, ‘Sheffield’, ‘Southampton’, ‘Edinburgh’, ‘Glasgow’, ‘Aberdeen’, ‘Stirling’, ‘Cardiff’, ‘Swansea’, ‘Newcastle’, ‘Norwich’,];
const NumberDays = Math.floor(Math.random() * 365) + 2;

function generateRandomArray(array){
return array[Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length)];

console.log(You will ${generateRandomArray(activity)} in ${generateRandomArray(destination)} with in ${NumberDays} days.);