Random Quote Generator - Portfolio Project: Mixed Messages

Overall, I would say this project was easy, but a little hard.

I didn’t time myself unfortunately, but I would say I took five days or something to complete it.

Here’s the link to my repository. Ignore the AnotherScript.js file because I was just looking at it to study the code. If you can give me feedback, I would appreciate it: GitHub - Peter3255/Random-Quote-Generator.

Great Job! I found learning JS to be time consuming too, but the more I learned the quicker things got.

I see you made an html file for your generator. You can set it up with github pages and share the link so other can test it.

Keep it up, Happy Coding!

Didn’t I already set up the html file to Github pages and share the link so other can test it?

I didn’t see pages was set up. Github pages is a feature github offers to see a site. Here is my project for messages as an example:

My Repo for messages

Live site to visually see the website using github pages

If you go to your repo settings there is a option on the left called pages. That would help enable pages for the repo. Pages isn’t necessary for the project but since you already did the html it doesn’t hurt. Hope this helps

After going to Pages, am I suppose to press Add Domain? If so, what am I suppose to do after that?