Random Paragraph Generator!

So, this just spits out randomly formed paragraphs that have some semblance of the correct way to speak the English language. I originally was thinking about doing something that would have been a bit too much, like making every word an object with properties that bind it to other words. But then I realized that I would be well on way to building a chatbot and not only would that take a lot more time than I wanted to spend, but I’d rather do something like that with Python.

For the most part it was pretty easy, I took longer than I probably should have (2 days) but I spent a lot of that time coming up with ideas and thinking about how I would implement them and how long it would take me and also picking up on how to turn text files into arrays and other miscellaneous things about JS. I might try to build something with those ideas I came up with someday, but I’ve decided not to spend too much time on this one.

I actually got stumped on one of my do…while statements that compared the tags and Id’s for my objects. I was using the “&&” operator with the “!” operator in the condition together. It took me over an hour to realize that “!” not only reverses the needed conditional value, but it also flips “&&” to “||” and vice versa.

Pinklemonade33/random-paragraph-generator (github.com)