Random Message Generator

I have created Random message project. Please review and give suggestions.

RamithaSiya/git_practice at master (github.com)

What pathway is this on, back-end or full stack?

full stack .

thank you

I would add a CSS file to this, the java dose its job well. But the websites design and styling could be improved. But the biggest issue I would fix is the button.

The button is small on my monitor and all the way in the upper left hand corner. I personally would center it, but for functionality you need to make the button bigger. The button size by default is how big the text is. With the text being in small font and just saying, try it, makes it hard to click. I cloned your project so I could see the website. The button on my monitor is 3 cursors wide and one cursor tall.

Also you could add some color, change the text font and size. Change the button appearance, ect…

I liked that you added an html file for this project. :slight_smile:

My only suggestion for you would be to include more data in your arrays.