Random Message Generator

I just completed the mixed messages portfolio project. Advice on how to improve or take my code to the next level would be appreciated. Here is a link to my Github page for the project: GitHub - JuniorAlphonse/MixedMessages: This is my version of the Codecademy Mixed Messages Portfolio Project..

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We hope you enjoyed this project!

Nothing to add here - took a look at your code and it looks pretty clean & straightforward.

I liked your use of a single function to pull the random components of the message and your use of string interpolation. I’d gone for quick and dirty initially but reviewing your code prompted me to clean mine up!

If you have a chance, please take a look at mine (Mixed Messages Portfolio Project Review Request) and let me know if you have any feedback, thanks.

Hope you’re enjoying the course!

I just reviewed your code and despite the fact that the messages function seems involved, everything seems functional. Nice work. I am glad that my code was able to help you with yours.