Random Math exam

import random
import random
import math
Name= input("please introdcue your name: ")

print(f"{Name},Welcome to your math exam")

score= 0
n1 = random.randint(0,10)
n2 =random.randint(0,10)

for i in range(10):
n1 = random.randint(0, 10)
n2 = random.randint(0, 10)
answer1 = int(input(f"How much is {n1} x {n2}: "))

if answer1 == (n1*n2):
    score +=1

print(f"{name}, your score is {score}")

in this section initializing random numbers is a waste since they get overwritten in the for loop anyways.

import math is not required since you are only doing regular addition.
the name variable in the last row needs a capitalized N else it will cause an error.

you accidentally imported random twice