Random chapter, the workplace has shifted


<"In the 6th chapter random of Java Basics, the workplace has shifted and am unable to restore it">

<"This does not allow me to move to the next chapter">

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Hi @abhish_atlas,

What problem are you facing?


"in the sixth chapter of Java basics the workplace has shifted random.js has shifted and am unable to restore it"


Can you please give me a link to the exercise so I can see if this might be a bug on your end. :slight_smile:




Okay on my browser it's displaying. To help you fix this problem please provide me with the following.

Your browser i.e(opera,chrome,firefox...) :

Your laptop type:


"browser is chrome and OS is windows xp"


I'm Facing the same problem. It says that the Random.js file has been moved, please move the file back or reset the workspace. After resetting, nothing happens, the code editor is not found.


@arrayrunner14886 @abhish_atlas Please use the in-exercise bug reporting tool.


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