Random Challenge Drinking Game Terminal Project

Just finished the project! I’ve been coding for about a month, after feeling a desperate need to change my career. This game is based on a combination of games I play at parties with my friends (mostly all professional coders, who have been so supportive of me doing this!).

I’d very much appreciate feedback and to know if I can improve my code in anyway, I’m sure it’s very basic.


Welcome to the forums!

It looks great, well done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!

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hey, it was fun! only “bug” i saw, sometimes, when player accepts challenge and enter “y”, game suddenly reduces player score and skip to the next player. but well done, looks really classy even in terminal.

i finished this project 2-3 weeks ago too, was fun.

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Thanks for trying it!

I believe that is dice roll 3. That roll will remove a point from the player. Similar to dice roll 1, which adds a point to the player. But, I’ll double check it’s not a bug. I made roll 1 and 3 this way intentionally as it seemed to help the game flow better when I was testing it with my friends.

Really appreciate the feedback, it was a fun project!

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