Random Adventure Front for Dungeon World

Hello everyone!

This was a project that intimidated me at first, but came together really quickly once I started on it. I’d say I spent about 3 days thinking casually about the theme, the scope, etc, and then finished the bulk of the work in an hour or so. If you’re in a similar situation, I would definitely recommend just starting! :cowboy_hat_face:

I made my Mixed Messages project generate a random adventure front for the Dungeon World table top role playing game. An adventure front is an opposing force for players to encounter and oppose during an adventure. I drew directly from the system’s provided sources, and added some elements to make a more randomized ‘grim portent’. A grim portent is an event which somehow foreshadows the doom which will befall players if they take no action to confront the adventure danger.

If I wanted to expand this project, I would probably try to build more conditional paths for the options, as one difficulty was coming up with grim portents which were not directly linked to the adventure dangers. A better option would be to create separate arrays for each individual danger, so that the grim portents could specifically relate to the nature of the randomly selected danger.

Here is a link to my repository; thank you!

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