Rails Step 5: Migration File still not created for Model


Step 5 - After entering commands to create the Signup model,
the db/migrate/datetimestamp file is not created.

syntax to create model:
'rails generate model Signup'

When adding commands for step 5
rails generate model Signup

the associated db/migrate file is not generated.


Hi @johnduffy,

If refreshing the page or switching browsers doesn't fix this, please report it to the Codecademy staff through the form beneath the instructions on the left.


Chrome was the browser used in the initial test.
I tried again in IE 11 browser, and the issue was reproduced.
Attached is a screenshot from the command line.


@zystvan, Can you review how to report the issue to the Codecademy staff?
Where is the form located?
I don't see it on the page.


You'll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the instructions to find it:


Bug report, thank you.


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