Rails server not running

I’ve been trying to start the rails server in the following project: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-rails/lessons/one-model/exercises/one-model-create-messages-i

each time i type “rails server” or “rails -s p 4001” i get the following error

Deprecation warning: Expected string default value for ‘–rc’; got false (boolean).
This will be rejected in the future unless you explicitly pass the options check_default_type: false or call allow_incompatible_default_type! in your code
You can silence deprecations warning by setting the environment variable THOR_SILENCE_DEPRECATION.
rails new APP_PATH [options]

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It is happening, with a high probability, because you are not in the right folder.
After creating the rails app with: rails new [AppName]
you have to move into it with: cd [AppName] and there you can run rails s -p 4001

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It appears you were right. Thank you very much for the solution!

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thanks for the awesome information.

I’ve been having trouble getting (https://localhost:4001/) to render the project (Threadly). I’ve ensured I’m in the correct folder as the noted above. The host window remains blank, even after I reload the page. Not sure why? I’ve used ctrl_C to reset the server and type “rails s -p 4001” in terminal. No success.

It would be helpful if they mention this requirement to be in the app root before starting the rails server. it would have saved a lot of wasted time checking for errors in the previous project exercise steps. :wink: