Rails server doesn't work, no app preview (freeform projects)


So....I'm trying to make the freeform projects (pro) on the rails course, but got stuck at the beginning (no matter which one, it's always the same trouble) , just because the rails server does not start. I type rails s -p 4001 in the terminal just like the instructions say, but get a message I don't understand, and the app preview does not show anything.

the message in the terminal:

and the preview....:cry:

What's wrong? have no idea, any help will be highly appreciated.


Hi @valerjius,

Are you running he command from the correct directory? Try running pwd or ls to see if you're where you need to be to run that. If you aren't, you can run cd DIRECTORY_NAME to change to a new directory from where you are :slight_smile:


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