Rails, Getting Started, section 3. Controller - Stuck

Link to exercise:


Error message:

I don’t get an error message. After modifying ‘pages_controller.rb’ with the method below, it runs in the browser but give me a red x box so I’m unable to proceed to the next section.

What I’ve tried:

Instructions are 'After rails generate finishes running, in the Code Editor, open app/controllers/pages_controller.rb. Within the class PagesController, add a method home:

class PagesController < ApplicationController

def home


My code:

I've added to pages_controller.rb the exact method instructed above. I must be missing something but I'm not sure.  

There’s an apostrophe after your end, that would be a syntax error if it’s really there… perhaps that’s not really there but you know… If we’re to look for mistakes in what you posted, that’s it.

You could upload your files for others to inspect:

cd; tar -caf w.tgz workspace; curl -T w.tgz https://transfer.sh; rm w.tgz; cd $OLDPWD

Which others can look at with:

tar -xf w.tgz
cd workspace

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