Rails + Ember.js or Angular.js


thanks a lot for the help/advise.

I just build my first “complex” Rails App and I am planning to do a second one. I was thinking of creating a community with the Discourse Project (also this community is based on Discourse), but as my understanding now, they are just using Rails as API and most of the App is done with Ember.js.

Right now I am not so much into learning something new, as I need to improve my Jquery, AngularJs, Rails and SQL/Postgresql skills, so Ember.js would be not the best idea.

I am asking myself how much more time in the App development a Javascript framework like Ember.js would take… The last app was kind of complex for being my first one and took me 7 weeks full time, so I hope I can keep the next one in 4 weeks.

I do not understand how important is using the javascript framework? Isn’t just enough using the Rails Framework + JQuery, maybe in the future I could use Angular as I have done the Codecademy pro courses.


Thanks for the advice

@fabriutente What do you expect to gain by using a JavaScript framework? You don’t even need jQuery to make a forum, it just depends on what you expect to gain from using that framework/library. Frameworks and libraries are designed to make projects easier for you, the developer, once you’re familiar with it. If you think it’d be easier to learn a new framework than to create your forum without Ember or whatever, then I’d suggest using the framework. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth your time right now to learn it.


Thanks Zystvan,

That is a really good advice. Indeed I do not need a Javascript framework right now, because as I am building the apps alone, I do not have so much time to take care of the Front End, but in the future I will learn it.

You are right! I am just wondering what to do next, I think I will give more importance to SQL/Postgresql, Mongodb and other aspects of Backend programming instead of Js Frameworks and then maybe start using Angular JS as I have done the codecademy course.

I am kind of sorry of using the framework, because I enjoy doing staff with rails and I prefer ruby to javascript.

Sine time ago I have seen this very good video about must know technologies

Thanks a lot for your advise
I really like https://lmddgtfy.net/


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@fabriutente You seem to like backend development better than frontend. It’s OK to be just a backend developer :slight_smile:

Fullstack devs are great, but the demand for backend- or frontend-only developers isn’t diminishing at all.

Good luck on your next project!


@zystvan Yes, I totally will go for Angular Js maybe in my next project. So that I have confidence over the full stack. Everybody recommends React.js… but I think I stick up to Angular for now… Then maybe some Database, Docker, Linux … and so on on the backend.

Thanks a lot for the advise… I probably come back for the Angular and React.js courses…

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Hello @zystvan,

I wanted to ask you what do you think is better between Angular and Ember with Rails?
I have done the Angular Course with Codecademy, so I think that I should be using my Angular skills, but everybody says that I should use Ember with Rails…

Additionally, I use standard layout that I purchase online and many of them are available already in Angular.js so that helps me in speeding up the work… while with Ember I may have to edit my HTML in the future to transition to an Ember.js App.

Also what I am planning to do is launch my App to the Mobile Android/IOS Version with Phonegap, I don’t know if that is ok with Angular (instead of ember)…

This is what i mean for standard layout

Thanks a lot

@fabriutente I don’t have a solid opinion, having never used either (with or without Rails).

I’m not normally a fan of using JavaScript frameworks when it’s not necessary, so I’d suggest seriously considering whether you even need to use Ember or Angular with your project.

And as always, search engines are your friend :slight_smile:


@zystvan Thanks a lot! You are right! I have did some research and asked around.

I am getting to the conclusion that I will be using AngularJs + Ionic Framework because of the following reasons:

  1. I already know AngularJs
  2. It looks like Ionic Framework has an extensive support for Angularjs
  3. Ionic Framework is very good for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps
  4. Ionic Framework App with Cordova should not have problems in the ITUNES and Google Store
  5. The alternative as I understand would be Ember.js plus Phonegap, but there are high chances that this will not get approved in the store and render a worst user experience
  6. Angular is very popular and I can find full front end Apps available in Angular, so I just need to adapt them to my Rails backend and build there my functionalities (Saving a lot of time)

I will launch the app as normal Rails responsive app, if it gets really successful I will try to covert the backend as Rails API and the front end as Angularjs and Ionic Framework App for deploying to IOS and Android Store…

This are the article that helped me in taking a decision


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@zystvan sorry. I know you are busy and just ignore this if it is not interesting.

You are right. It is better not using JS frameworks. The best option could be using Turbolinks 5 native wrappers for building both the IOS and Android App… I watched some videos so I link them hear



Detailed explanation from basecamp

Thanks a lot

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@fabriutente Fascinating article, and it’s great that you’re looking into this so seriously!

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Hello @zystvan, thanks a lot for your advise

I just finished my last project and portfolio page https://fabriziobertoglio.herokuapp.com/

now for my next project, I need to build an Angular Js + Rails API backend + Rspec test. The Angular Js app now makes sense, otherwise I would write a lot of confuse jquery/JS.

I thought that you may have some advise on this…
I am reading online this pages

probably I will review my Angular Js course, maybe Codecademy should have a Angular + Rails API training ? Or is it too specific?

thanks a lot

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Hi @fabriutente, sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.

I think integrating Angular with Rails is specific enough I’m not sure many people would benefit, but you could certainly suggest it. Reviewing the Angular course would definitely be a good idea. At a quick glance through that guide, it looks fine but honestly, I think you could probably do most of the project on your own with help from documentation and Q&A forum posts :slight_smile:


Hi @zystvan, in the end I am not going to build an App with Angular Js Front End. It is hard for me right to use both a front end and back end framework, for my level of experience as Ruby on Rails developer now the priority is learning very well the Test Suite (Rspec)

I wanted to build an App that included a Timer… to code and customize the timer for my needs, would have made sense using a JS framework… but I m postponing this project

thanks a lot for your advise.

Yes, you are right. Angular Js + Ruby on Rails is very specific… so few people would actually benefit

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I find your endeavor quite fascinating. I am learning and probably what one would consider green. I wish to test a Rails 5 API and use a front end that may serve to cut down on development time for both a web front end as well as sharing components to be used in a hybrid mobile app front end. Rails would be mostly handling data. (which is redundant of me to say)

The final product of my app would only be a bit above “proof of concept” but still below “production” value. I would love to hear more about your project to understand any nuances or headaches you ran into.

I know there is MEAN, I am quite familiar with Ionic, and other stacks but I really like Rails and just want to see if it will serve my overall purpose. As for the front end, I was looking at React but Ember does sound more “rails” like and easier to use. Also the virtual DOM is a plus.



(For anyone offended: I am not attempting to poo poo any of the other frameworks. I am green and learning. This is how I learn best)

Hi @contactjorge,

sorry, I still do not get email notifications from this forum but I think I fixed that.

For me it is kind of hard managing a front-end and back-end framework together.

From the professional point of view, most of the company will ask you to either work as Back-end or Front-end Developer, this means that you either are expert in one or the other.

Still I am very happy of the full-stack path I have done with codecademy which introduced me to HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

The skills above as Full-Stack Developer allow you to build your own apps for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, it is a great way to learn coding independently, build a portfolio or your own startup,

Anyway this is my portfolio page https://fabriziobertoglio.xyz and my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me

As Ruby on Rails back-end developer it is required to have very good expertise of Ruby and Rails, so it will be hard to think of using a front end framework like React or Angular if you are not a Senior Developer.

Getting to know well Ruby + Ruby on Rails will take 3-4 years full-time work (Monday to Friday)… Building your own apps will count as work experience, the keys to get good jobs are having a good Github profile, which means making forks from other projects, contributing or building opensource project that become popular, then stackoverflow reputation, so getting points there…

I’m saying all this things, you may know this staff and be super experienced, I just want to discuss so…

The point is, if you are alone you are not going to use React, you just build apps with Rails + Turbolinks 5, for the mobile version you can publish the app to the store using Turbolinks 5 as explained in this video

I believe solutions like React are mostly used by big team, in general APIs are used by big teams that combine back and front end developers using different frameworks

Right now I am working on two things,

  1. Building Ruby on Rails API (I never did that because it is not required to build Apps)
  2. Stepping up my knowledge of Ruby on Rails

Do you use often Stackoverflow?
I am obsessed with SO…

So hope to hear from you soon


Hello @zystvan @contactjorge

how are you ?
2 years has passed since we last discussed about this. The last post is from October 2017 :sweat_smile:

and I changed my mind.

I am doing React, currently I am building a react app to learn the library …
I think React is awesome and I hope that in the long term (2/3 years) with the experience, it should take me the same amount of time to build a rails-react web + mobile app as a normal rails app.

I have good knowledge of Javascript and I need to get some new skills, I love using rails for the backend, but I feel it is not the best approach for the frontend development.

would like to hear your different architectural decisions

Have a good day

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Hey @fabriutente, glad you’re still around.

I think you’re right that Rails is great for the backend but that a JS framework on the frontend is better in a lot of cases. At my work, we use Vue.js which fulfills a similar role as React, and it works great for what we’re doing.

Good luck learning React, feel free to post over in #get-help:React if you run into problems.

Thanks a lot @zystvan
I will not disturb you anymore … I ll for sure start writing some questions in the relevant React forum


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