Rails Create Messages I 5/7


Exercise 2 says:
Then in the Messages controller below the index action, add the new action:

def new
@message = Message.new

I do exactly that, and this error pops up:
Missing template messages/new, application/new with {:locale=>[:en], :formats=>[:html], :variants=>[], :handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :raw, :ruby, :jbuilder, :coffee]}. Searched in:
* "#"

I'm not sure what the error means.



Hi @laufshuhe,

Could you please post a link to the exercise you're on and a screenshot of the page?

I was able to find a few results with similar errors to yours with a quick search, in case some of these results helps you any.




I've moved ahead of that page now, so a screen shot does not show the problem. When I had tried everything I could think of, and that little box came up asking "Keep Trying or Get Code" I clicked Get Code. The solution was exactly what I had typed in there all along! It's very frustrating when I have something correct, but I get error messages. I was working on it yesterday, and when it wouldn't work I just logged out. I'm annoyed that today it still didn't work, but my code was correct. It's also irritating that clicking Get Code, automatically completed all the exercises, not just #2. I really want to learn. I didn't want the other exercises done for me.


@laufshuhe I think it likely changed something in a different file, since the error didn't look like it was fussing about your def new...end code.

But yeah, it is annoying how it completes all of the steps :confused: I think I may have heard something about them considering changing that, but I don't remember right now.


I hope they do change it. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


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