Race Day - Web Development


I would like to say I am a beginner and I just started to learn how to code so I can’t provide you guys with too much information but I would like to make a suggestion. I finished the " Race Day " project today and I found it very hard to follow to steps provided in the tutorial, therefore, I will post my solution here at the end.

I found it very hard to follow the steps because in the first place the “raceNumber” variable should be assigned only after the conditions are verified and it shouldn’t be provided at the very start. Secondly since you do not know when a person is going to be either an early registrant in the race or not and you are not provided with the criteria that defines one I made a new variable “earlyRegistration” that generates a random number between 0 and 1 (true or false).

Therefore I would suggest the steps and objective of the project to be rewritten so that it will become easier to read and understand the requests of the project.

I found the challenge quite entertaining and appropriate for my knowledge level so I would not suggest for it to change.

If by any chance this topic is useless because there were some things I was not aware of when I created the topic I ask an Admin to delete it.

With kind regards,
Topuzaru-Samson Andrei